My incoming mail is working but I can't send or email is not being delivered properly

While we make every effort to ensure consistent delivery there may be times when outgoing mail has issues in this case the best solution is to use your Internet providers outgoing email server. Below is a list of current major providers, alternatively contact your ISP for these details.


ISP Outgoing Mail Server Authentication?
AAPT :  
Bigpond : None required.
Blink Internet :  
Dodo :  
iiNet :  
Internode: Use same details as incoming.
Optusnet :  
Ozemail :  
People Telecom : (NSW)  
Three (3G Mobile) :  
TPG :  
Virgin Mobile 3G  
Vodafone 3G  


To switch to your ISP outgoing mail follow these steps.

1. Navigate to your Outgoing Server settings for your email account.

2. Change the outgoing mailserver to your ISP's outgoing server (i.e.

3. Set authentication to none ( would most likely have been set to password)

4. Turn off SSL

5. Ensure port number is set to 25 (default)

*NOTE for older or US Based hosting port number may need to be set to 26.


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